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Breast Implant / Breast Enlargement
Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty Surgery is one of most effective surgical procedures to reduce enlarged or sagging breast permanently. Usually women with very large breast have a dragging pain in the shoulder or the upper back. A breast reduction surgery can help relax the muscular pain by reducing the breast size leading to a healthier body free of backache and shoulder pain. Sometimes severe embarrassment due to large breast and infections below the breast are also major factors to ask for the breast reduction surgery. The size of the breast is reduced after removing excess fat, breast tissue and skin from the breast giving it a firmer and a younger look.
Breast Reduction
The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and the whole surgical process takes three to four hours depending on the volume of breast reduction. Pre operative marking is an essential and very important part of the breast reduction surgery. Marking is done in standing position and according to the technique used, different measurements are taken and final marking is drawn carefully on the breast.Breast Reduction Surgery in Ahmedabad,India exactly follows the previously made marking pattern. During the breast reduction surgery, excess fat, breast tissue and skin is removed from the breast and the nipple and areola is moved accordingly to its new position. The closure of the surgical incisions produce a circular scar around the new areola which becomes almost invisible with the passage of time and a linear scar from lower border of areola up to lower pole of the breast (inframammary crease) which also fades nicely within few weeks.
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